December 3, 2019


When Launching your Online Course  .......

Have you ever experienced a time that you were wanting to do something, and it simply had to be perfect? I know that I can easily get caught up into that trap as well.

I remember when I first started working on my online courses, and I would spend months and months researching, modifying and it was really doing my head in. You see when I was spending all my time creating my content, I was forgetting one simple important thing that I always teach my clients.

It will Never Be Perfect

It will never be perfect, that is right, never. I was talking to one of my colleagues, and he kindly reminded me that maybe I was using perfection to procrastinate? That this mindset was holding me back, and that maybe the e was a fear around taking the next step.

I walked away from the conversation, reflecting on his words, to see if there was any truth in it. Did I have a blind spot that I wasn’t even aware of. Perhaps he had shone the light onto it, and now it has been reveled. 

Being the perfectionist was consuming my life. Honestly, being a perfectionist is all consuming. I become tirelessly focused on getting everything right.  How could I ever celebrate my small wins if I am a perfectionist. What was the real fear, what was the next step?

What is your biggest Fear?

Maybe I was afraid of failure, or not being good enough. Or perhaps being judged by others. Sometimes, we can be hard on ourselves, don’t you think?

You see I was setting myself up for a life of disappointment, instead of celebrations. I know that it was time to change, and now I create my courses and get it out into the world. Yep, The only way that I can help others and fulfill my purpose, is to share and support others.

In my view the number 1 thing to avoid is Perfectionism!!

Build and Launch Your Online Courses - 6 Week Mastermind

This program will guide you through the blueprints and formulas to have a successful launch. We explore the marketing and sales aspect of attracting your clients,, ensuring that your courses are filled.

This approach is simply more than just searching for 'hope marketing',"- It is attracting and testing first before spending hours developing.

About the Author

Lee supports Online Entrepreneurs to Grow and Scale Their Business. Currently, her focus is with course creators, wanting to build and launch their online programs. She also works with the Teams within The Business, to create the culture based on Leadership and High Performance

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