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The REAL Conversations you need to have with Potential employees to ensure they FIT in your TEAM..



Engaged Team Alignment Drives Success

Make No More Hiring Mistakes! Get the right Person for your Team ….every time

Training and Development of Existing Team members .....Invest in your People - Increased Productivity 

Offer Internal Opportunities to your Valued Team Members

Grab your  FREE Templates and Processes to create your job descriptions, roles  and competencies 

 Benefits of  On Demand Training

Access to the training material 24/7

  • Consistent quality – With on-demand content, the quality of the training doesn’t vary based on the specific instructor assigned. Learners always receive a high-quality experience.
  • Training combined with Coaching increase productivity up to 85%
  • Convenience and self-paced
  • Trackable – We can track content views, interactions, and session time
  • Support and  accountability – All participants will  complete activity sheets and assessments
  • Customized Training – We customize your training to suit your needs.
  • Savings of costs and time
  • On Demand Training - Now Available

    Why Choose Demand Training with Follow Up Coaching

    • Need to train a large number of team members?
    • On boarding made easy
    • Ability to review the material
    •  Have frequent changes to your teams?
    • Have team members who are geographically dispersed
    • Have team members  who are tech-enabled
    • Have team members who are busy and difficult to schedule
    • Your Teams are rapidly growing
    • Value continuous learning and development
    • Have newly appointed team leaders

    Conflict Management 101 - Training and follow up Coaching

    Working with different personality types at times can be challenging. Communication is at the heart of most conflicts in the workplace. Combine this with Poor Attitude can become be quite daunting. I am sure sometimes you would like to just become invisible and hope that the conflict would just solve itself. Right!

    Now we know that this is not a reality and that when you get a group of people working together then  there will be conflict.  The solution is to mange conflict effectively; and this boot camp will equip you with the right toolbox so that you feel more Confident, Focused whilst Developing your Team Strengths and Talents.

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    Here is the complete Business Growth Program that will ensure that you have the cutting-edge strategies, resources, tools and support creating rapid growth whilst creating market domination.

    Business Mentorship Program

    **Your Online Mentorship  Program is designed to help you to navigate through current business challenges by using the proven strategies that will fast track your business growth **

    Team Alignment

    *Starting up new teams for a project or maybe going through change within your organisation or business.  This program will take you through the 9 stage team alignment framework  Increased team cohesiveness, engagement and productivity.*

    Gaining Clarity
    and Understanding

    Methods Work

    and Modify


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    On Demand Training – Conflict Management 6 Week Boot camp Part 1

    This is a 6 Week Boot Camp Conflict Management Part 1  Program Included - On Demand Access to Training - self paced Weekly online group coaching Q + A Sessions for the 6 weeks Closed support community and unlimited email access Gamification boards used to make training interactive and fun Special Launch Price - Limited […]

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    Latest Podcast - Handling Difficult People - The Dominating, Aggressive, Impatient and Controlling

    • Understand the Signs of the Tank - Aggressive Person
    • Look at your approaches to the Tank
    • Watch the 5 step Plan to Handle the Tank Effectively
    • Your Goal - To Command Respect 

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