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The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.”

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The biggest OBSTACLE you have to overcome is having unrealistic expectations, that you can get quick results without having the right knowledge and systems in place; simply looking for quick fixes .

But that's not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse! Why?

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 Here, we're focused on ONE THING: Helping you leverage the power of Facebook Groups, and building your Courses whilst Launching through Automation and funnels. Having all the tools for your online business so you can build, grow and monetize a tribe of raving fans & loyal customers. Establish your positioning first, then it is time to create your online courses, with the proven formulas that will supercharge your courses. Develop, Launch and Automate. These top strategies are used by all the online influencers, and I will be sharing these with you. My aim is to support you to make the most out of your online business. Stop the information overload and learn the complete step by step systems that work! 

Our Online Leadership and Team Development  Courses

Conflict Management for New Leaders

This 6 week Conflict Management Boot-camp  supports team members and leaders to be able to understand, recognize and apply proven strategies in handling conflict more effectively. 

Team Engagement and Alignment 

Put in place all the structures required for a high performing team. Create your team that is aligned with your business strategy.  Support your team leaders; whilst increasing  employee engagement. 

Real Conversations - Round Tables

Engage your teams with regular and meaningful conversations from their team leader.  Use the tools that will drive improved relationships, increased insights and long lasting behavioral change.

Business Mentorship Program

Our framework and tools equip business leaders and entrepreneurs to accelerate growth. This program  is for businesses that are wanting to accelerate quickly, and are seeking  a  business coach to cover all aspects of business, bring in new skills and hold them accountable for their business performance.

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These are the insights, struggles and wins that Entrepreneurs experience as an online business leader.

It is the truth and it starts at the beginning when we as entrepreneurs cross over the threshold to enter the unknown.

The ability to push through disappointments,  frustrations and come out of the other side, being transformed whilst making a difference to our communities, clients and  leading our causes. 

Leadership and Team Development Benefits

Drive Learning and Development

 The best way to grow your business is to develop your managers and leaders. Our leadership coaching services can help you to identify skills gaps, increase performance and motivation and enhance the retention of your talented managers and staff.

We work closely with you to design a learning and development program that works for you and your organisation. You can help frame coaching discussions, review feedback and collaborate with participants and line managers on the process to ensure meaningful outcomes. 


Supporting Emerging Talent

The better the leader,  the more success the business will have. This success comes from a few factors. With a strong, growth-minded leader, employees will feel motivated to achieve goals and encouraged to perform better. Rather than having managers or other superiors run their own authoritarian regime, ensuring they have the skills necessary for effective leadership throughout their career can improve engagement and the completion of objectives on an individual and company-wide level. 


Increased Dynamic Culture

 Your culture can be a reflection (or a betrayal) of your company’s core values. The ways in which you conduct business, manage workflow, interact as a team, and treat your customers all add up to an experience that should represent who you are as an organization and how you believe a company should be run. In short, your culture is the sum of your company’s beliefs in action.

Create the culture that supports continuous learning and growth. 


Increased Clarity and Transparency

Since alignment necessitates greater clarity about who does what and why within the organisation, there is usually greater transparency over organisation design and greater resource visibility;


Employee Engagement

Having an Employee Value Proposition strategy  will increase retention, along with attracting high performers into your business. Reduce turnover and absenteeism. People feel  valued when their development needs are met. 

 Raymond Faulkner 

 GM - Holiday Inn Brisbane


 Lee Stemm was my Professional Coach in 2010 when I was based in Brisbane. I voluntarily sought Lee out as a Coach after witnessing her success with one of my direct reports, and the subsequent success of several other leaders reporting to me when I contracted Lee to the hotels Leadership Coaching program.

As a coach, Lees program was in-depth and had an easy to follow framework, that drew out root causes of issues that were managed through the program, such that my overall leadership performance excelled. She applied her expertise in NLP (Neurolinguistics programming), and she was able to help develop, with the ownership of the coachee, behavioural changes that created long term improvements in leadership skills. I would recommend Lee as a Professional Coach. Her involvement in our business and in my own development was and still remains, invaluable.

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