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February 1, 2018

Here is my new PA “Pepper”. He has been begging me all day to introduce him to my community. I was looking for a PA who can help me with my business. You know what it is like – having to do everything and not enough time. Right!

Therefore, I made a decision for this year that I will find the right team member for me. Now, before I started to interviewing process, I made sore that I had all of the structure and job descriptions in place so that I can help Pepper be successful in his role.

I also wanted to ensure that my business was ready for my new team member. Have you ever started a new position, and he had to learn your new role, and there was no structure to follow? Yep, I have been there in the past. Very unsettling as a new team member.

I also wanted to make sure that he had the qualities that I was looking for. Especially the behaviors. After all he is representing my business.

So, I made a list and checked it twice – and did some personality profiling on him and he is the perfect fit for my business. He will be running his own column – called “Pepper’s adventures” so keep an eye out for that.

So here are some tips when you are bringing on a new team member

  • Go through the team documented policies with your new member
  • Make sure that you communicate your expectations clearly,
  • You will need to introduce your new member to your systems and other team members
  • Get them involved as soon as possible – Great to have a mentor lined up ahead of time
  • Be approachable and welcoming and be patient – They have to learn how your business works
  • Set up a morning tea, or lunch for your team member and the team they will be working with

Keep an eye out for “Pepper’s Adventures” and see how he goes as a team member for High Performance Coaching and Training.



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